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Stefan Kazakis on 24 March 2018


What better way to wrap up the month than with a fantastic M500 event this week. Our events always begin with an opportunity to network, which considering the noise levels was a very productive first half hour of the day for many this month. And with our newly introduced 'pod' seating, the whole event had a much more dynamic networking focus.

The value for business owners to get out of their space and connect with other like-minded people is consistently highlighted by these events. 

Save the Date
Our next event is scheduled for Wednesday 18 April. With April being a busy month put it in your diary now, you won't want to miss it.

The theme for April is 'how to gain a competitive advantage through innovation' and we have changed the time so we will kick off at 7am and conclude by 9am - another example of how we are innovating this 3+ year event!

For those of you who have never been, or indeed for those of you who have only been once or twice, here is some of the feedback from this month's participants:

QUESTION: why did you come to the event?

"Further my business knowledge and network opportunity."

"I was keen to learn more about business."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

QUESTION: what was the best part of the event?

"There was definitely a lot of positive intent. Everyone who was there wanted to be successful. There was a positive vibe. The interaction was good too. I really enjoyed it."

"The opportunity to meet with like-minded business owners."

QUESTION: what was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

"Hearing about how to manage and grow a business. Many points that were made were consistent with my own learnings ... and how I've applied those same learnings into my current workplace.

"To remember the importance of the team in my business being ahead of the customer. Happy and success driven team members will lead to happy and successful customers."

So, save the date - 18 April, your invitation will be sent next week and you must ACT!

Don't miss out - if you only attend one event during this very busy next few weeks, make sure this is the one that you pencil in now!

Power to you!



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