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Stefan Kazakis on 21 July 2018

What would it mean for your business if you were working for $1,000 an hour for just one hour a week, instead of $100?

It’s an exciting prospect. But now have a think about this: what would it mean for your business if all of your staff could do this?

This is a concept that you can apply to all of your people throughout your business.

It’s not just for you or your management team. Part of deciding on, and creating the cut of, your business is about getting the most out of your staff, about making things run more smoothly and putting systems in place.

As you do this you will be able to find one hour a week for each of your team members when they can think big, when they can let go of worrying about the normal responsibilities of their job and really go for it.

What can each staff member do to help your business hit it out of the park?

What big idea can they come up with that will make your business more efficient, or help you find new clients, or help you close more sales?

I know you have lots of talented and hard-working people around you, because you would remove anybody who wasn’t. So let them off the leash. Allow them to dream and think large.

If you want your staff to fully realise their potential it has to start with you. If you think small and lack confidence, so will your staff. But if you show them how to break free and take a chance and walk to the edge of the cliff, if this is how you run your company, they will follow you. It’s about coaching and mentoring them. It’s about giving them strategies so they can excel. It’s about creating an environment in your business that encourages and rewards initiative, lateral thinking and effort.

If you’re not leading your staff won’t follow. If you haven’t got this right for yourself you can’t expect your staff to get it right.

Not only will this help boost your business results now, it will help you attract and retain the best talent which helps boost your business over the longer term.

Nobody wants to work for a business that is stuck in the mud, especially talented and dedicated people. They want to work at a company where they will be inspired, where they will be encouraged to have input and be allowed to learn and grow.

A business like yours, right?

You’ve done it for yourself, now do it for your team. You don’t need them to work more, you need them to work more effectively and efficiently. If you have the right people, soon they’ll be able to complete their tasks better than you can – and that’s great!

You want to be surrounded by people who are better at things than you are. Then you can give them more responsibilities and free yourself up to focus on growing the business. This is an important foundation for growth.

Power to you!

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