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Stefan Kazakis on 11 June 2015

Small Business Branding

Be remembered, and get repeat customers!

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Mentoring Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

How do your customers or potential customers view your business and do you have a message or logo that’s instantly familiar?

consistent branding in storeAs a small business owner you may never reach the level of public recognition as such globally iconic brands as Coca-Cola or Nike.

Yet branding does affect customers' decisions to choose your service or product. Is is an opportunity to reflect the identify your small business to all existing and potential customers.

To ensure your small business has the leading edge over your competitors, here are 6 tips for achieving small business growth through strong branding.

Give your business a strong visual identity

Graphic design, logos, font choices, colour selection and consistent document design on all marketing material unifies your brand. Consistency in business cards, print material, newsletters and web design will reinforce awareness of your small business to all clients and customers.

Keep your message clear and simple

When deciding on such small business features as a business tagline, mission statement, values and services offered by your team, make all content as short and powerful as possible.

Prioritize the aspects of your business that separate you from your competitors. Your message should make your business instantly recognisable to your customers.

Consistency is essential

By maintaining consistency in all documentation, branding endeavours and messages selling your business and its services to the public, you will sustain your business’ identity within your industry.

Brand the small stuff

Each time you communicate with a potential client or existing customer is an opportunity to reinforce your business and the brand that you have built.

Email signatures, social media posts through to newsletters and sponsorship endeavors, use your tagline or logo every time you connect with consumers.

Track your branding results

Regularly measuring the success is of your branding is the only way for you to know whether your small business branding is working.

If your branding efforts aren’t driving the results, customers or interest in your business that you expected, either revitalize elements of your branding or update your branding. Try to beat your competitors' branding efforts.

stationary brandedThere is no sure-fire solution to branding a small business and every industry brands business in a different way.

But ultimately without branding your business will be forgotten. However if you continue to deliver a promise to your customers that they can depend on and keep reinforcing this promise within all branding efforts, your business will not be forgotten within your industries marketplace.

Need a hand with your brand?

A business mentor is one the most efficient ways to help you construct a future-proof brand. Business Benchmark Group is the expert in Small Business Mentoring in Victoria. We help you keep focused on your goals and keep brand consistency so that you can drive growth, customer loyalty and sales.

Do you need a small business mentor? Why not talk to us today? Contact Business Benchmark Group to discuss ways to get the fire back in your business with Melbourne's best business mentors.

Find out more about Business Benchmark Group, and our mentoring and coaching groups for Melbourne and Victorian Small or Medium Business.

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