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Stefan Kazakis on 2 May 2020

5 ways we can help you with your marketing

Are you in uncharted waters right now?

We have all been re-assessing where our businesses are at in the past few weeks and making sure we have our rolling cashflow forecasts accurate and up to date so we know where the gaps are.

So what do you do if there are gaps? 

You do exactly what you did when it was Day One!

So my big question to you this week is Name one of the key drivers in  your business that provides sales and therefore and growth?

Marketing of course!

You may be an expert in your own business, but you may not be an expert marketer. In our experience, marketing—this broad, wide-sweeping area of business—can be a pain in the neck for many small business owners and operators.

Especially given the current market, you really want to squeeze the juice out of your marketing lemon without having to spend too much money. We MUST be marketing to fit the environment we are working with. We MUST market apparent to the circumstance.

As your business coach we can offer insights into your business and plans for growth. Marketing is so fundamental to this growth that we identify it as one of the ‘Six Pillars of Exceptional Growth’, and cover it in our business coaching programs.

So, when it comes to marketing, what works and why? What gets the best value for investment? Here are 5 ways that we can help you find the answer to these questions, restructure your ‘Marketing pillar’ and prop it up for better growth potential.

#1 By offering a fresh perspective

As an outsider to your business we can offer a fresh perspective, any problems or inconsistencies in your marketing efforts are immediately obvious to us.

Right now, your head is cloudy, you aren’t thinking straight, you are in a high stress working condition. So right now, you may not see everything as it is. Having us as your business coach can allow you to pin-point these missed opportunities within your marketing plan and execution.

For example, you may not realise your marketing budget is not offering a real and measurable return on investment.

Given the current market, you need to ensure you are spending every dollar smartly, which includes your marketing budget!

#2 By sharing unique insights

It is likely if you are running your own business in your niche and field of expertise, then you have been in the industry for a while and know a thing or two.

Sometimes there is a thing called a curse of knowledge, you have almost been in the industry so long that you struggle to see new perspective and new insights.

By having us on your side, we can give you new perspective.

Given everything happening right now, there is certainly a demand to pivot your business and adapt in a way you never have before, we can help you with unique and fresh insights to make this possible

#3 By teaching the marketing fundamentals

Marketing to a new audience, you may have lost customers and sales, so you may need to execute the basics of marketing now more than ever.

As your business coach we are much more than just a pair of fresh eyes and a sounding board. We are also your go-to mentor, ready to pass on marketing fundamentals and wisdom accumulated by working with many businesses over several years.

If we asked you the following questions, what would be your answers?

  • “What are your brand values?”
  • “What are your Unique Selling Propositions?”
  • “How do your customers describe your business?”
  • “What are the Features and Benefits of your product/service?”

If you can’t answer some of those basic marketing questions, or even if you can and you don’t have a plan that is tailored to that, then we can help you answer these and have marketing that reflects this.

The current market is a lot more competitive, so being clear and concise with your marketing is critical.

#4 By revealing new marketing channels

Businesses can no longer afford to neglect the new marketing channels available to them. Now more than ever, it is important to be across Digital marketing, Social media marketing and Search engine marketing. With all these options at your fingertips, this poses both an opportunity and challenge for small businesses  

Any business that isn’t operating within these spaces is at a serious disadvantage, and the longer you wait, the harder you will have to work to catch up.

As your business coach we can help you discover new marketing channels and explain the benefits of each, as well as help you bring your current efforts up to scratch.

 #5 By unlocking new opportunities

Marketing is not just about attracting the right clients. Good marketing will also attract potential business partnerships and opportunities.

One over-looked benefit of having us as your business coach is access to our professional network. We can put you in touch with other businesses who have similar experiences or faced similar challenges.

This benefit can offer immense learning opportunities as well as potential business-to-business affiliation or partnerships.

Partnerships and new opportunities are more important right now than it ever has been. Finding new ways to work in collaboration EVEN in isolation is SO important, so we can potentially lead you to these opportunities.

Already a client and want extra help with some of this?
Reach out to me and either myself or one of the team will be in touch early next week.

Feeling overwhelmed and like your business may not survive this Pandemic?

At Business Benchmark Group, we are not just business coaches. We are experts across the Melbourne business landscape. By sharing our techniques and insights in marketing, sales and management, we have helped hundreds of Melbourne businesses—just like yours—  The sooner you reach out the sooner we can be by your side to help.

If you are experiencing stress or confusion in your business, then reach out. It’s a tough time right now, and no one should have to do this alone.

Power to you,

Stefan Kazakis

Power to you!  
Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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