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Stefan Kazakis on 21 November 2015

What is one of the key drivers of your business’ sales and growth? Marketing, of course!

You may be an expert in your own business, but you may not be an expert marketer. In our experience, marketing—this broad, wide-sweeping area of business—can be a pain in the neck for many small business owners and operators.

A business coach is someone who can offer insights into your business and plans for growth. Marketing is so fundamental to this growth that we identify it as one of the ‘Six Pillars of Exceptional Growth’, and cover it in our business coaching programs.

So when it comes to marketing, what works and why? What gets the best value for investment? Here are 5 ways that a good business coach can help you find the answer to these questions, restructure your 'Marketing pillar' and prop it up for better growth potential.

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#1 By offering a fresh perspective

consistent brandingAs an outsider to your business, any problems or inconsistencies in your marketing efforts are immediately obvious to a business coach. This is because as a business owner, you may have simply become blind to problems or shortcomings in your marketing strategy. A business coach is a fresh pair of eyes.

For example, you may not realise that your branding is inconsistent or confusing for new customers. Or, you may not realise that your marketing budget is not offering a real and measurable return on investment.

These are just some immediate issues that the eyes of a business coach can identify. As a mentor, they can help open your eyes, too.

#2 By sharing unique insights

Once a business coach has seen some of the potential marketing problems in your business, they can offer their own insight.

As a business owner, you are an expert in your own market niche, and a business coach is unlikely to have the same knowledge and experience in the same field as you. However, their lack of experience in your particular field is actually a benefit. Teach your coach your business and your niche, and they can offer constructive feedback on how to adapt proven business techniques to fit your circumstances.

After all, if you can’t clearly explain the benefits of your product or service to your business coach, then what hope do you have in marketing these messages to your customers?

#3 By teaching the marketing fundamentals

A business coach is much more than just a pair of fresh eyes and a sounding board. A good business coach should also be a mentor, ready to pass on marketing fundamentals and wisdom accumulated by working with many businesses over a number of years.

If a coach asked you the following questions, what would be your answers?

  • "What are your brand values?"
  • "What are your Unique Selling Propositions?"
  • "How do your customers describe your business?"
  • "What are the Features and Benefits of your product/service?"

If you can’t answer some of those basic marketing questions, then a business coach can work with you to make your marketing consistent, coherent and more effective.

#4 By revealing new marketing channels

operating social media channelsBusinesses can no longer afford to neglect the new marketing channels available to them. Digital marketing has put the power of marketing at your fingertips, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for small businesses.

Online marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing have proven to be much more than fads. Any business that isn’t operating within these spaces is at a serious disadvantage, and the longer you wait, the harder you will have to work to catch up!

A business coach can help you discover new marketing channels and explain the benefits of each, as well as help you bring your current efforts up to scratch.

#5 By unlocking new opportunities

meeting business owners

Marketing is not just about attracting the right clients. Good marketing will also attract potential business partnerships and opportunities.

One over-looked benefit of a business coach is access to their professional network. A business coach can put you in touch with other businesses who have similar experiences or faced similar challenges. This benefit can offer immense learning opportunities as well as potential business-to-business affiliation or partnerships.

See if your business coach runs group coaching programs or business events. These programs and events are opportunities to network with other business owners like you, learn from other’s experiences and develop your professional contacts.

Ready to kickstart your business growth?

At Business Benchmark Group, we are not just business coaches. We are experts across the Melbourne business landscape. By sharing our techniques and insights in marketing, sales and management, we have helped Melbourne businesses—just like yours—grow and achieve real success.

If you are experiencing stress or confusion in your business, then our coaching programs and business events are made for you.

To find out more, contact Business Benchmark Group today on 03 9001 0878.

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