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Stefan Kazakis on 18 May 2015

Need to Kickstart Your Sales?

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business coaching program one of the key questions that I ask all members of each program is:

Are your sales systems benefiting your small business?

making a phone saleAs business owners we’d love to exist in an environment where sales were not fundamental to our business’ success, one where our business consistently thrived without having to invest any more energy into increased sales revenue and strategies.

As we all know however, improving sales and our lead generation systems are essential to our small business’ continued growth.

Are you looking to increase sales and profit growth? 

Here are 5 simple tips to boost your business’ sales!

Need a business advisor to coach you through sales tatics? Let's meet.

Tip 1: When it comes to sales, there is no "cannot'

If you’re trying to sell with the preconception that the best sales people are experienced or outgoing, then you’re going to fail.

Anything we pursue in life; is only achieved by working hard and developing the sales techniques that work for us as individuals. Try, try harder and try a new approach, until you find the key to your sales success!

Tip 2: Listen twice as much as you speak

Questions help establish how a conversation should be managed. Far to often we will bombard a potential customer with an overload of information.

If you listen to their responses and then craft your replies to accommodate and understand their needs and how your service would benefit them. They will be much more invested in the benefit of your business’ products or services to their lifestyle.

Tip 3: Don’t ask closed questions!

The way that you structure an offer, value benefit or discount -- and the success of this offer -- depends upon the questions you ask when getting to know the customer and their needs.

For example: discover how a 2-year warranty for $100 more could benefit their situation, and then offer it as a deciding motivation for them to purchase your product.

Tip 4: Highlight the product's benefits, not it's features.

No potential customer has time to here about the features of a product or service. The inciting incident that secures their interest and likelihood of purchasing your product or service lies in how your business can benefit their lifestyle.

What is in it for them? Don't just list features -- how will they directly benefit the customer?

Tip 5: Pitch your solution as an investment, not an expense!

A cost is something that we incur, not something that usually benefits us. An investment will yield value over time.

Endorse the return on investment when selling and avoid promoting the cost as a deciding factor for your potential customers purchase. Replace the cost with investment and see where this alteration takes your sales revenue.

making a sale

Supercharge Sales with a Business Coach

A business coach is one the most efficient ways to help you kickstart a rock solid sales objective. Business Benchmark Group is the expert in Small Business coaching services in Victoria. We help you keep focused on your goal and implement sales tactics so that you can drive growth and see results.

Do you need a small business coach? Why not talk to us today? Contact Business Benchmark Group to discuss ways to boost sales in your business with a excellent Melbourne best business coach.

Find out more about Business Benchmark Group, and our mentoring and coaching groups for Melbourne and Victorian Small or Medium Business.

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