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A Strategic Planning Session for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Date:  Tuesday 5th February, 2019
Location:  Manningham

Your Profit Blueprint is a 6-hour intensive, practical and motivating event that will give you an opportunity to dig deep in your business and think about where and how you want to drive it going forward.

You don’t need glossier five-colour charts, bundles of spreadsheets, and decades of month-by-month financial projections based on guesswork. You need a clear, intentional, and strategic profit plan so that you and your team have absolute clarity, have a clear process to track and grow the three critical areas of Leadflow, Workflow, and Businessflow, and set the stage for next-level growth.
  Is your profit plan a competitive advantage, or is it costing you? How do you know? Are you developing your profit plan at the pace of change?

For most business leaders today, the speed of the market is outpacing their profit plan (and their own personal development). Most leaders are in over their heads, whether they know it or not.

Your Profit Blueprint is a strategic planning session that features:

    • Proven methods to track and enhance the 3 profit areas of your business: Leadflow, Workflow, and Businessflow -- so that your business enjoys the virtuous circle of health, growth, and abundance every single quarter of every single year.
    • Time, space, and margin to explore the opportunities you have right now so you can gain fresh perspective on profitability, people, productivity, and performance.
    • The expertise of Business Benchmark Group’s team. They are among the finest business coaches in the world and will support you to ensure you make great outcome-based decisions (instead of decisions based on hope and chance).
    • A plan of immediate action and accountability including 4 short-term, 3 mid-term and 2 long-term goals -- plus the identification of 6 key profit driving activities to empower and propel you towards the results you’ve always dreamed of.
    • A clear path on how you can multiply your income, time, and fun as a business leader by finding, defining, and mastering your core skills for success.

The 21st century requires Small Business Owners to show up differently to win at business.

Over time, the most successful businesses are the best led. While this has always been true, today’s escalating global complexity puts business effectiveness at a premium.

You and your best right-hand person are cordially invited to the “Your Profit Blueprint” strategic planning session. 

Gain fresh perspectives on profitability, people, and productivity to dramatically simplify and boost your business performance in one swoop.

You already know the power of blending best practices and out-of-the-box techniques to grow your business. We’re sharing our winning formulas to help you determine which activities truly drive profit and create a clear plan to develop and nurture people as your greatest asset. Join us at Your Profit Blueprint and discover new approaches to become more effective and efficient and build the thriving business you deserve.

In your corner,

Stefan Kazakis
Founder & CEO

Your Profit Blueprint

An intensive, hands on and motivating event that will give you an opportunity to work on your business plan for double digit growth. A 6-hour laser focused event, you will have:

  • The team at Business Benchmark Group to support you in your critical thinking / planning process to ensure you make great outcome based decisions.
  • Proven methods to improve your business and the confidence to continue to execute and manage every member of your team’s contribution to your profit blueprint. 

  • Time to explore, asking yourself “what don’t I see?” and the help needed to think outside the square – eliminating your pre-existing prejudices.

This event will help you

The Your Profit Blueprint workshop will help you:

  • Review everything in your business, from Leadflow to Workflow to Businessflow.

  • Breakout groups focussing on the 6 pillars of business - strategic brainstorming with peers, ensuring you receive the information you need to move your ideas forward.

  • To be held accountable to the outcomes you have selected for the next part of your journey.

How to register

Registrations will open beginning of December 2017.

This is a client only event and you are encouraged to invite your best right hand person to attend too so that together you create the plan that keeps everyone accountable to achieving your 12-month profit goal.  

You'll walk away with your personalised Flight Plan for the next 12 months.


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