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Damien Churton

Senior business strategist Damien Churton joined the team at Business Benchmark Group in July 2014. With international experience and a great passion for working with people, Damien’s clients include trades people, manufacturing, professional services and retail. Damien fires on all cylinders when faced with challenges and works hard to ensure that every one of his clients remains accountable to their dreams, plans and commitments.

With hands on experience running his own retail service business in London, Damien understands what it takes to create and grow a successful and profitable business. Damien is described by his peers and clients as straight talking, uncompromising, driven, motivational and highly disciplined.

After graduating from Reading University, Damien’s business experience started with a baptism of fire. At the age of just 28 Damien was running a company in London called Dry Cleaning Direct. Damien and his team created a unique pick-up and delivery model, serving thousands of customers located in multinational organisations in the City of London such as Merryl Lynch, Soc Gen and Linklaters.

In this demanding, process-led business, a huge volume of clothing travelled through a central hub, out to sub-contractors and back, on a two day turnaround. There was no margin for error. At the age of just 32, Damien successfully sold the business for a great return.

Damien wanted to translate what he had learned into something more meaningful which led to the beginnings of a business coaching career. In 2003 a move from London to France saw the development of a successful virtual coaching model, with Damien coaching many clients from across Europe in a wide variety of industries.

During this time Damien worked with hundreds of small business owners on a one-to-one basis spread over 15 countries as well as being engaged to speak at several International Coaching Conferences and worked with Multinationals in over 25 different countries.

In 2012, Damien and his young family decided to call Melbourne home and in June 2014 he sold and amalgamated his successful coaching business with Business Benchmark Group and joined the team.

Damien is one of the business coaches who facilitates the Diamond Club program and manages many one on one clients both face to face and over the phone, both here and overseas. Damien is also one of our senior strategists that also works with the Board of Directors 12 programs as an accountability coach.

Damien lists his key expertise as Sales, Organisational Development, Finance and HR.

When asked, Damien will share that he loves getting in the trenches with his clients and helping them achieve the consistent results that are available to any business owner when they apply themselves over a decent period of time.

And when he is not at work, you’ll find Damien enjoying spending time with his young family, cooking, gardening, kite surfing or training for a half Ironman.

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