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Stefan Kazakis on 26 March 2015

Keeping Great Staff is as Important as Attracting Them

Over the years, it has become obvious to me just how important a great team is to small and medium business. Not only does a business need to attract great talent, it needs to be able to keep them too!

When consulting with my clients, I will often ask them:

How are you keeping your employees engaged?

We see our staff working hard everyday. Yet no matter how hard they are working, we still need them to work harder.

But how convincing is 'working harder' as a metric to business success?

The mindset that the harder and faster we work the better solutions will be, is often a misguided one that we all have as business owners and in all honesty effectiveness from employees is more productive than quantity. This is why the secret to your teams continued success is to create a work environment that encourages increased employee engagement and ultimately ensures your teams individual daily performances contribute to your long-term business growth.

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Proven Business Advice to Keep Your A-Team Together

To help you increase your team’s engagement with your business and their individual roles, try introducing the following four communication approaches into your business.

Don’t forget your employee only has 10 fingers

Focusing on quantity as the only driving force for your team is what leads to major staff dysfunction, disengagement, burned-out employees and people simply going through the motions. This is because their engagement continues to be disrupted by pushes to leave projects already in motion for the next big quantifier.

Steer clear of unconscious frenzy mode

As business owners and members of a team we can become addicted to working ourselves to death. Busyness becomes habit and this contagious loop can undermine our teams productivity and engagement with their role. Break this mold by reflecting on active workloads and projects and the progress or hurdles being faced in each employee’s workloads.

Know your employee’s role and active projects

Engaged employees are more energized, dedicated and committed to their tasks and the company than those doing only what is necessary. Sustain this enthusiasm for their role and dedication to complete their projects competently by offering constructive criticism and including them in all projected timelines and deadlines. Ultimately they have to feel that they have ownership for the project they began and know the worth of their efforts on this project. Dr. Peter (Chiropractor) of AP Chiropractic says "the business coaching services from Stefan and his team (Business Benchmark Group) has helped me grow my business with the team instead of for them. By empowering my employees I've reduced my own workload and increased profitability."

Endorse your team member’s value sincerely

happy team at workResults aren’t the only element that builds a successful business. It’s the people in your team that will continue to fuel its success. You don’t have to go round handing out gold stars and false modesty, but recognize each member of your team’s contributions and the value of their hard work.

Showing this value can be as simple as saying I liked the way you handled that situation today or removing yourself from communication beyond mouse clicks and having a conversation with them about something non-work related.

It’s a proven fact that companies with the highest engagement levels have an operating margin of 27 percent, while those with the lowest employee engagement have an operating level of less than 10 percent.

In disengaged companies 40 percent of employees will leave within the next 2 years. In the most-engaged firms globally the number remains around 18 percent.

So are you going to seek greater engagement with your employees to increase the success of your business and your team’s individual performances?

Bring a a culture of engagement to your business

This business advice is easy to understand, but implementing it into your business can be another story. 

The Board of Directors community is dedicated to ensuring Melbourne small business owners like you achieve you and your teams goals. If you want to learn how the techniques and tools to managing a a great team, then our business coaching program is an ideal program for you. 

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