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Stefan Kazakis on 6 January 2018

Okay so here we are … six days into 2018 …. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? 

If you did you are not alone, with over 60% of the population at least thinking about setting New Year’s resolutions.

Now did you know that only 8% of the population actually sticks them?  That’s a lot of thinking and not a lot of ‘doing’!  It's 92% of people talk their talk but not walking their walk! 

It would come as no surprise to read the top ten list of resolutions includes losing weight, giving up smoking, joining a gym, better management of money, buying a new car … you know the list already don't you. 

How many of these are on your list?

How many of these are always on your list, year in ... year out?

And how long do the resolutions last? Surprisingly, 75% of resolutions will be continued through the entire first week of January, but only 46% make it past six months.

So, what can we do to try and stay on track with our good intentions?  I thought I’d share a technique derived from the global personal development guru Brian Tracey in regards to goal setting.

Systematic versus Random Goal Setting

You become what you think about most of the time!

Positive Thinking versus Positive Knowing – Positive thinking is important, but it is not enough. Left undirected and uncontrolled it can quickly become positive wishing and positive hoping. Instead of serving as an inspiration to higher achievement, positive thinking can become little more than a cheerful attitude toward life and whatever happens to you, positive or negative.

To be focused and effective in goal attainment, positive thinking must translate into ‘positive knowing'. You must absolutely know and believe in the depths of your being that you are going to be successful at achieving a particular goal. You must proceed completely with no doubt. You must be so resolute and determined, so convinced of your ultimate success, that nothing can stop you.

Program your Subconscious Mind – Everything you do to program your subconscious mind with this unshakeable conviction of success will help you achieve your goals faster. One of the most important mental laws is, whatever is impressed, is expressed. Whatever you impress deeply into your subconscious mind will eventually be expressed in your external world.

Your aim in mental programming is to impress your goals deeply into your subconscious mind so that they ‘lock in’ and take on a power of their own.

This is one of many techniques that are used to help you to achieve your goals.  Afterall a resolution is just a goal, a desire.  One of the most effective ways to achieve goals is to hold yourself accountable for what you want to change: Tell others or write it down.

Being held accountable to your family, peers and mentors is a very powerful thing.  Nobody likes to admit failure.  Being accountable is a driver for success.

Thank you to everyone who entrusted me with their resolutions ... you are well on your way to being one of the 8%! 

The team and I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Power to you!


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