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Stefan Kazakis on 30 December 2017

We are almost at the end of 2017 – and we are almost at the beginning of a brand-new year – 2018 – who doesn’t get excited about a fresh start?

But here’s the question ....

How do you usually feel 5 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve? How will you feel about taking on the world tomorrow, just as the clock strikes midnight?

It’s an interesting ‘burst’ of energy or mood.  A short-lived moment when we dare to dream for most of us, the same dream we have at that particular moment in time every year.

But for those of us who will remain focused and disciplined, as we forge forward into the New Year in pursuit of our goals, the mood will never leave us.

When searching for a new contact, searching for a new product, or searching for a solution to so many people’s problems within your desired target market, just remember that the more ships that leave the port and go out to fight the war, the more ships that will return to port.

Resolve to get out there. Don’t send one proposal, send 10, send 100… Make sure there are phone calls and follow up messages … become the master of extreme follow up.

You just need to do a little bit more and a little bit better, at a little faster pace than anyone else to be extremely successful in 2018.

The Team and I wish you a safe a memorable New Year’s Eve – we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals in 2018.

Power to you!


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