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Stefan Kazakis on 28 October 2017

Getting your people right will be a true measure of how committed you are to building a high-productivity business. I can absolutely 100% guarantee you won’t get there without the right

people around you, both inside and outside your organisation. And the wrong people – or even the right people doing the wrong things – will send you crashing in the opposite direction.

Why is brutal truth so important for this? Because you must truly and honestly be asking the following questions:

‘Do we have the right people?’

Either you do, or you don’t. There is no maybe. There is absolutely no in-between. There is no, we can kind of muddle through with him. Either you have the right people, or you don’t.

‘Are we doing the right things?’

Having the right people is only the first step. You must have the right people doing the right things. You may have hired the best computer programmer in the country, but is she of most benefit to your business helping people set up their email? Of course, she isn’t. You have your top programmer building new computer systems for your business to boost productivity, not on hold to the internet company trying to reset an email password.

‘Are we doing the right things right?’

This is the next crucial question. What are the measurable outcomes of what each person is doing? How do you know – with the evidence on your scoreboard – that each person on your team is not just doing the right things but doing the right things right?

This is a time for brutal truth. You either have the right people or you don’t. They are either doing the right things or they are not. And they are either doing the right things right, or they are not. This level of discipline is tough. Not everybody can do this – but it’s essential if you are going to get where you want to go. If something is not right and you’ve given it every chance, then the only real option is deselection. It’s about adding and creating value. That’s it. If somebody is not adding or creating value for your business, they have no reason to be there. None. Being a nice person or fun to be around or your sister-in-law does not earn someone a place in your business. If you truly wish to succeed and be a benchmark business your recruitment processes and systems will make you or kill you. If I hire the right people I can have five people doing a job at a high level of productivity, instead of 10 operating at a lower level. In a very demanding business environment this will give me a significant competitive edge.

Power to you this week.


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