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Stefan Kazakis on 18 November 2017

People must always be promotable or they are deselected. This is non-negotiable. If you hire the right people to begin with you don’t need to fire anybody or demote anybody ever again. Wouldn’t that be great? 

It’s not about everybody striving to climb that corporate ladder (although there’s nothing wrong with well-managed ambition). People on the frontline who are happy with their role and are solid soldiers are invaluable to your team and your productivity. Even if they don’t have the desire to be a manager or CEO, as long as they turn up each day and aim to be better than they were yesterday, that’s okay. In fact, you need some people in your team like this. There are only so many positions available in any organisation, so not everybody is going to get to be a manager, trainer, division head, team leader or whatever. This is not necessarily what ‘promotable’ means. In this context, being ‘promotable’ means being willing to take on more responsibility, it means being willing to work hard to improve, it means taking ownership of what you do and being accountable. Promotable is not just about, ‘I want to be the boss’ – it’s about each person understanding and committing to their role in the business. It’s about turning up each day and playing your part.  This leads to high effectiveness and high productivity, from top to bottom.

What happens in the immediate short term – and the long term – is about the right people in the right job. Being promotable is constantly going to another level of value creation. It’s about your contribution today and into the future, and understating less is more. Team members who are continuously attractive to the organisation will find the stickiness of their contribution and their stocks rising.

Power to you this week.


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