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Stefan Kazakis on 13 April 2015

Increase Your Business' Conversions and ROI

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Mentoring Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

Is your team suffering from follow-up call resistance?

'Follow Up Call Resistance'

The challenge with most small businesses and their team is that they have a poor way of expressing the clear facts in a quote or proposal, which often leads to such scenarios as ‘follow up call reluctance’.

Here is an example of a typical ‘follow up call reluctance’ scenario:

A team member decides they are going to get their quota of quotes out. Once that's completed they hide under a rock and hope for leads or contact from potential clients. 

Your business team needs to have the tenacity to follow up on all prospects and continue to follow up on each until they make a decision whether to use your services.

Maxmise Your Business Potential

It pays to re-write quotes, tenders and proposals into action plans, instead of just writing a standard quote receive X FOR $Y, take it or leave it. 

Rather then taking this standardized approach try adding a prospect letter, building the benefits of your business and teams services and skill to complete the job for this price. This offers potential clients a quote that includes more than a set price adding value into the client’s decision making process.

Once you have contacted a potential client end your conversation with "I’ll call you in the next few days to discuss this quote further". This will ensure you beat the follow up call reluctance.

Are selling a premium product?

Building your products benefits to every potential customer is very important if your product or service is more expensive or unique in comparison to your competitors. Reinforce how much better off a client will be if they choose your business for the project or service. Don’t rely on price point alone to win a contract!

Remember your quotes, tenders and proposals are your opportunity to sell your business to potential clients and strategically developing how you sell your services or products to a potential client, will ultimately increase your conversion rates and add to the profit growth of your small business.

Get the skills to sell and improve conversions

This essential business advice is hard to do in practice. It is hard to turn business advice into actual results without someone to guide you through the process.

That's why small business mentoring and coaching is so critical. With so much to do, you may need a business advisor to guide you through each steps. This way, you'll be able to maxmise your conversions. 

Our business coaching programs specialise in small business advice in Melbourne and Victoria. We help you keep that intensity, provide expert business advice and execute your business plan. It's an investment that is sure to pay big dividends!

You don’t have to restructure your entire business. All you need to do is work smarter, and that means seeking out the best business advice and mentors.

Are you ready to improve your sales? Call me on 03 9001 0878 and let's talk about your business.

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