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Stefan Kazakis on 18 March 2017

Having discussed whether we think Marketing is spending or investing, and why positioning leverage and existing relationships are important this month, we all understand that the efforts of our marketing and sales must influence the work in progress of our business.

As I always say, it’s all about attracting future A-grade clients and making it easy for them to buy from you. It’s about finding the right people and having systems in place that ensure they buy from us. You must understand the profile of your desired target market, understand how much each lead costs you, and have a successful sales funnel in place.

Apart from relationship marketing which we discussed last week, here are my 5 tips for creating a strong leadflow for attracting A-grade customers and making it easy for them to buy from you:

◆ set your website up to capture leads

◆ reactivate past clients

◆ have extreme follow-up systems

◆ test and measure everything and understand your conversion rates

◆ have a well-planned marketing budget that you are committed to.

Remember, its not about the result, it's about the activity.  Only with testing and measuring can we really understand if our marketing spend is the stuff of nightmares or not!

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