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Stefan Kazakis on 4 May 2015


Are you using to the modern tools available to you? As a Melbourne business coach, all too often I see small businesses not seeing the potential in online tools easily accessable to them. Many don't realise that online efforts translate to offline results.

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

"Are you seeking other ways to build your business credibility offline?"

Get a business coach and learn the tools and techniques of modern business.

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Blogging online for real word results

When I mention the word 'blogging' to clients as a way to strengthen their existing client base and attract new potential customers many business owners are skeptical.

Commonly raised questions include: "does anyone even read these things?" and "why is this task worthy of my time?".

What you need to remember is that there are plenty of online benefits that come from posting a business blog regularly. It strengthens your business in search engine pages and if you become a respected ‘authority’ within your market it will build faith in your business’ merit to outsiders.

The key is to think of blogging like networking. It's people discovering your business and its worth via meeting your business online and it offers browsers greater insight into the knowledge of you and your team, which can only build your offline credibility.

The key to building a successful business blog is remembering to make sure your blog features the following five elements:

It complements your message.

One of the first things people do post-networking or after a meeting is visit their website. If they find useful blogs that complement the topics you discussed in person and validate the services offered by your business, this will strengthen the impression you made in on that person.

Attract current and potential customers.

Your blog posts should focus on a variety of topics and support your customers need. This way it will reflect the products and services offered by your business and deal with problems that your customers may need solutions for. Your blog will also attract ‘ideal customers’ for your business.

Educate customers:

A 2-minute introduction to someone in person or at an event can only do so much to influence someone. Back it up with case studies and real life examples that clearly showcase the strength of your business, your team and your authority within the market.

Spread Socially.

If members of your community and your existing customers enjoy the content you create, they will share via their social networks. Share your content via social networks that your business has established.

Follow Up.

If you do meet a prospective client of interest at a networking event, blogging is a way to continue the conversation. Simply send them an email that references your discussion or meeting and include two blog links that relate to what the two of your discussed.

This kind of sharing can only reinforce the connection you made with this potential customer or contact.

Use the business tools of the 21st century 

typing on laptopIn business today, blogging isn’t just an opportunity for someone to share their opinion. It's an avenue for business owners to increase their lead generation and strengthen their significance within their market place both offline and online.

So why aren’t you taking 30 minutes out of your day to write, post and share a blog?

The Board of Directors 12 community is a Melbourne based coaching group to help you achieve business success. Together, we can help build your business using the tools available to you and develop both online and offline strategies. 

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