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Stefan Kazakis on 2 July 2015

Expect Defeat Without a Plan

Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.  Whilst Australia had only been a Federal Commonwealth for 13 years, and the new National Government was eager to establish its reputation among the nations of the world, I am certain that even in 1915 the ANZACs were sent to Gallipoli with a plan.

Of course, we are not comparing launching a business to sending a nation to war. But it frames this question: "why do some business owners continue to operate their businesses with no plan or sense of direction?"

Would you go into battle without a plan or desired outcome?  I know I wouldn’t.

Business plans are like battle plans; they last as long as the first ambush and then you have to be able to think on your feet.   As I mention in my book From Deadwood to Diamonds, the plan is not as important as the planning. The process is more important than the final result.

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Plan and adapt

As small business owners, we can be adaptable to changing markets.  We are fortunate that we can steer our troops on a different path swiftly and quickly – but …. as small business owners we need to ensure that we are keeping to the path we planned to take.  Steering our troops this way and that, will not provide us with the desired outcome, we will not win the battle.  Make a plan; ensure you get team buy-in by involving and including them in the planning process and then go to work.

boardroom discussion

Our clients work on 90 day plans – not two year or five year plans. Our scope is 12 months with a focus on the next 90 days. 

That’s right – when you set off into battle, you don’t expect to win the war on day one.  When that first round of bullets hit, you can’t put up the white flag and surrender.   You have to have a plan and you need to be adaptable.

Let's get battle ready together.

All of our Board of Directors 12 clients attend a Your Profit Blueprint session every 90 days as we believe an updated plan is critical, to success.  Of course, everyone also understands that it is equally important to adapt the plan to changing circumstances in the market – after all isn’t that the beauty of being a small business owner?

As a business mentor I find it very satisfying to see our clients working on their business plan. They strategise what they will achieve, and work on to eliminate gaps in their business DNA in the next 90 days. Simply speaking, they are drawing up their business battle plans and taking aim.

It’s interesting to watch the relationships in the room as strategies are formulated and discussed – the energy is electric and the enthusiasm is high – everyone is battle ready by the time they leave.

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