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Introducing our new website, packed with online business coaching tools and resources

Stefan Kazakis on 17 February 2016

We wanted to show our clients that we walk the walk. Introducing, the new Business Benchmark Group, our big investment in digital.

These days, every business is digital – even business coaching. That’s why we're starting off 2016 with a bang. And you’re staring right at it. Welcome to the new Business Benchmark Group.

This isn’t just a facelift, either. Our new website aims to take us, and our clients, to a new level of business excellence. With a host of new online features, we want any business owner who visits us online to walk away with something – whether that’s inspiration, knowledge, or an RSVP to the next big event.

Ready to take the plunge with us? Check out some of the online features ready to use, right now.


business health check screen

1. Online Business Health Check

This 3 minute survey will ask you to assess the key areas of your business, such as operations and marketing, and how they function. This will show you which parts of your business are performing well and which are not. From this, you'll see what you need to improve on to get on the path to success and become an industry champion.

Start your health check.


business events schedule screen2

2. Business Events Schedule

Our events page now has a schedule of the upcoming business events. You can see what's coming up at a glance, or choose to read more about the events and their benefits. Business Benchmark Group events such as M500 business advice meetings and Business Audits provide our clients with expert advice and learning opportunities to help grow their businesses. Get the inspiration and the drive to take your business to the next level.

Check out upcoming events.


3. Online Business Resources Hub

online business resources hub screen3

Our resources page is bigger and better than ever, with a wealth of new information to help you take your business to greater heights.

  • Information Centre - Resource articles about the latest trends in sales, marketing, operations and finance management.
  • Media - Here you'll find instructional videos and articles that Business Benchmark Group has contributed to industry leading business publications.
  • Case Studies - These are examples of businesses that we have helped grow, with figures that show sustainable revenue growth.
  • Testimonials - Our happy clients will tell you in their own words how Business Benchmark Group coaching has helped them grow their businesses.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Do you have a question about Business Benchmark Group? Check here to see if a professional like yourself has already asked it. Get in touch if you don't find the answer you're looking for.

View online resources.


4. 'How We Help' Page

how we help screen2

There are six areas of running a business that we identify as being both intrinsic to the success of a business and areas in which business owners struggle. Our coaching focuses on theses areas and helps you improve the parts of your business that are not performing to get you and your business going. The six areas we can help are:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customers
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Team

See how we can help you.

Business Benchmark Group Coaching

Business Benchmark Group's coaching programs are designed to help you identify the areas of your business that are struggling, action change and break new ground. You'll be inspired to take your business to the next level. Our coaching programs include:

  • Group Coaching - Board of Directors 12
  • Private Business Mentoring
  • Fortnightly Business Coaching Workshop - Diamond Club
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Team Coaching
  • Franchise Coaching

For more information about Business Benchmark Group coaching, contact us on 03 9001 0878.

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