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Stefan Kazakis on 23 July 2015

Business Advice on Using Your Time Wisely

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

Do your to do lists get achieved at the end of business every day or re-scheduled?

Does this sound like you? Get your Small or Medium Business back into shape. Let's talk about how we can work to improve your business through business advisory and business coaching. We are the mentors you have always wanted!

Let's get to business coaching.

Get Your Business' Priorities Done!

to do list

As a small and medium business mentor I often experience breakthroughs in the way that I approach features of my own business that will ultimately work for all business owners who I assist with their professional development.

Recently I have been focused on:

Prioritizing three things that I need to achieve each day vs. the traditional to do list.

This allows me to ensure the most important things have been completed and will showcase the next three business priorities to achieve the following day. This is better than having a series of ‘to dos’ that remain incomplete until 6pm on a Thursday evening.

10 tips to building wealth and business success daily:

  1. Set your priorities. It is key to winning back control of your invested time.
  2. Pinpoint your short and mid-term goals. This keeps your active tasks aligned, offering you the clarity to define your goals and develop both form and structure for achieving them.
  3. Select the appropriate tasks to complete as a business owner. Your mind will be de-cluttered and each task will be effectively achieved.
  4. Ensure that you can effectively delegate your tasks and that you do this early within each day.
  5. Have an organized workspace so that everything is within reach and can be easily located.
  6. Manage your emails and voice mails so that they don’t become ‘your master’
  7. Minimize your interruptions. If your time is overloaded, say so and if you can’t fit in everything, decide what you can do and what can be rescheduled.
  8. Accept procrastination, being a perfectionist or a control freak. Learn how to position these traits so that they do not cost you time. Focus on your outcomes and set them in motion or get more people involved to get them achieved.
  9. Time is money. Eliminate or delegate tasks with lower value and know your own value
  10. Employ the concept of leverage and how to use it. If employed appropriately leverage can catapult your time management efforts. Get much more done with less effort!

Employ these 10 steps effectively into your daily activity and your time will be invested wisely.

You as a business owner can generate daily success for the long term, plus it will effectively manage other people’s time that are associated with your business as colleagues.

Maximising Efficiency With Business Coaching

Do you fear that you are wasting time, and cant focus on your businesses priorities?

A Small Business Mentor would provide advice to help you move forward, and tick off those daily priorities.

At Business Benchmark Group, we specialise in advising Melbourne small business. Our specialist coaching programs will accelerate your growth using our tried and tested business advice.

Let's chat about your Melbourne business. Contact us today.

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