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Your Profit Blueprint

Strategic planning day for double digit growth!  It's what every business owner in growth mode needs.  An intensive, hands on and motivating event that will give you an opportunity to work on your business plan.

Your Profit Blueprint

An intensive, hands on and motivating event that will give you an opportunity to work on your business plan for double digit growth. A 6-hour laser focused event, you will have:

  • The team at Business Benchmark Group to support you in your critical thinking / planning process to ensure you make great outcome based decisions.
  • Proven methods to improve your business and the confidence to continue to execute and manage every member of your team’s contribution to your profit blueprint. 

  • Time to explore, asking yourself “what don’t I see?” and the help needed to think outside the square – eliminating your pre-existing prejudices.

This event will help you

The Your Profit Blueprint workshop will help you:

  • Review everything in your business, from Leadflow to Workflow to Businessflow.

  • Breakout groups focussing on the 6 pillars of business - strategic brainstorming with peers, ensuring you receive the information you need to move your ideas forward.

  • To be held accountable to the outcomes you have selected for your 2017/18 journey.

How to register

You are encouraged to invite your best right hand person to attend too so that together you create the plan that keeps everyone accountable to achieving your 12-month profit goal.  

We welcome additional team members too, up to two additional people, at a cost of charged of $100 plus GST. Book your seats via Eventbrite by clicking on the link above.

You'll walk away with your personalised Flight Plan for the next 12 months.

Our advice costs nothing. Get a free business coaching consultation.

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