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How to gain a competitive advantage through innovation

As the needs and requirements of our customers continue to change and as technology moves forward, our businesses need to gain, and more importantly retain, a competitive advantage to boost and sustain growth.  Businesses which innovate continuously will always be ahead of their competitors. 

So how do we apply the same approach to our business?  And what does this really mean for us and our team?    How do we ensure that it doesn’t become a distraction?

Attend our next M500 event as we explore:

  • *  Why we need to embrace an innovative culture and mindset
  • *  What we need to consider as we investigate our ideas
  • *  How to execute our innovative ideas ensuring they are the catalyst for growth

Every business owner should be considering areas for innovation, with outcome based thinking, considered research and planning.  

For those of you who have never been to this event before, here's some of the feedback from recent attendees:

Why did you come to the event?

"Further my business knowledge and network opportunity."

"I was keen to learn more about business."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

What was the best part of the event?

"There was definitely a lot of positive intent. Everyone who was there wanted to be successful. There was a positive vibe. The interaction was good too. I really enjoyed it."

"The opportunity to meet with like-minded business owners."

What was the single most valuable thing you learned at the event?

"Hearing about how to manage and grow a business. Many points that were made were consistent with my own learnings ... and how I've applied those same learnings into my current workplace.

"To remember the importance of the team in my business being ahead of the customer. Happy and success driven team members will lead to happy and successful customers."

Meeting monthly, the M500 group is Melbourne’s premier small business event for business owners turning over $1M+ per annum. You’ll learn from speakers and interviewees who’ve faced – and overcome – the challenges you’re facing. Then you’ll discuss what you’ve learned with like-minded business owners. Check out the video to find out more.


Guest Speaker

Brendan Dover, The Drain Man

Renowned for being Melbourne and Sydney’s leading specialists in clearing blocked drains and sewers and relining drains, The Drain Man has been in business for over 17 years.  Throughout that time, owner Brendan Dover and his team have embraced not only innovative ways to do business but have also ensured that they are offering the best drain related plumbing solutions available to the market.  

Stefan Kazakis will chat with Brendan and together we will learn how The Drain Man has grown and evolved with teams now working in both Melbourne and Sydney, and how they have continued to stay ahead of their competition whilst ensuring that all decisions for innovation are based on outcome-based thinking.  

What is M500?

Success in business comes from sharing information. From challenging others. And from being challenged.

But most importantly, it comes from inspiration. The inspiration that can only come from associating with high-level entrepreneurs.

M500 is all of the above. Held monthly, M500 business advisory events combine educational guest speakers and industry networking. It’s an opportunity to learn from inspiring business leaders who’ve turned small businesses into empires.

It’s also an open forum that encourages interactive business learning and peer networking. M500 brings together like-minded professionals for a welcome break from the isolation that often accompanies business ownership.

Who is M500 for?

M500 is for the business owner turning over $1M+ per annum who wants to start thinking bigger. Being braver. And who’s set their sights on becoming a benchmark of business success.

The result is a diverse community of business owners. From every industry imaginable. Sole traders to CEOs. All united by one passion – the genuine desire for continued business success.

We named ourselves Business Benchmark Group for a reason. Here’s where we showcase the benchmarks of our succesful business community.

How does M500 work?

M500 isn’t your typical business networking event. If you’re looking for another stale lecture, you’re in the wrong place.

M500 is an eclectic mix of reciprocal education and networking in a stand-up style format.

Each three hour session features a healthy dose of business inspiration delivered by a prominent guest speaker.

Past speakers have included:

  • Joseph Lattouf, co-founder of Hairhouse Warehouse
  • Brendan Dover, owner of The Drain Main
  • James Hatzolos, co-Director of Barry Plant Manningham

And you’ll have ample opportunity to pick their brains – one-on-one.

You’ll also hear rousing success stories from our Champion in Business interviewees. This is your opportunity to put your questions to business owners on their way to huge success.

You’ll then have chance to network with ambitious business owners. Swap cards and stories with like-minded M500 community members who want to expand their circle of business contacts.

And of course, enjoy refreshments on the house.

What will I learn?

As much as you want to. M500 is a golden opportunity to escape your comfort zone and learn from like-minded business owners.

You’ll get a rare opportunity to get useful answers to questions like “how do I know my business is on the right track?” And “am I even asking myself the right questions?”

To get the most out of M500, be prepared to:

  • Accept the challenge of thinking big issued by big-thinking business owners
  • Engage with a supportive network of business owners with big ambitions
  • Understand what growth mode really means and how to make it happen
  • Speed network to quickly fill your contacts book
  • Hear targeted advice on crucial areas of growth
  • Put concrete learnings into practice straight away
  • Engage in a think tank format that pushes you to keep thinking bigger and braver

What will I gain?

Confidence. Support. Friends in the industry. And the motivation to turn your businesses into a profit machine.

You’ll come away from M500 feeling energised and positive – relishing the challenge ahead. You’ll feel ready to:

  • Achieve nothing but excellence
  • Find creative solutions to roadblocks
  • Attain a better quality of life

It’s the kind of opportunity money can’t buy. But just for good measure, we throw in a few extras you can put a price on.

Each M500 attendee receives:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Free education from guest speakers
  • Think Tank and Brain Stretch discussions
  • Canapes

What makes M500 different?

M500 is a refreshing alternative to lecture-heavy small business events and workshops. It’s too easy to passively nod along and take down notes you’ll never read again. And nothing worth having ever came easily.

So we focus on action.

Just like everything Business Benchmark Group does, M500 always centres around action you can take – short and long term – to propel your business towards your growth targets.

So come with an open mind, a head full of questions and a healthy desire to get involved. Bring your business cards. Bring a guest if you like. Just be sure to register today as M500 events regularly sell out well in advance. Don’t miss out! Sign up online today.

Ready for action? Start with this one – register for the next M500 event.

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