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Business Breakthrough - Small Business Audit

Time you got a small business health check? Our industry experts will examine your business against a proven formula for success, piece-by-piece, so you can start fixing what’s broken. It’s the first step towards the sustainable business growth you want.

Business Breakthrough Audit

You know there are barriers holding your business back. You’re just not sure what they are. Or how to break through them.

Here’s the good news. In realising they’re there, you’ve already taken the first step.

The next is to speak to someone who’s been in your shoes. Walked a mile in them. And worn them while kicking down their own barriers.

That’s why we devised our Business Breakthrough Audit. Conducted by a small business audit expert, it’s an intensive three-hour workshop for business owners like you. Owners whose time is valuable. Owners who want to start seeing results straight away.

We first conduct a “speed audit” of your business. We’ll analyse the fundamentals to reveal strengths and gaps. Fundamentals like your business operations, finance, sales, marketing and team management.

Then we go into detail

That’s when you’ll realise why we call it a “breakthrough” audit. We’ll drill into your passion to see what makes you tick. And we’ll help you break the bad habits too many business owners pick up.

We’ll break down the void between what’s working and what’s not working.

But we’ll also break right through the pain barrier. That means nothing but the brutal truth.

Our small business health check experts will tell you what’s working well – and how to fix what isn’t.

You’ll get a straightforward, in-detail assessment of every facet of your business. It might sting a bit. But knowledge is power.

The result? Immediate changes you can make to generate more revenue, to keep more money in the business, and to turn an immediate profit for sustainable growth.

Specifically, we look at three key areas in detail:

  • Cashflow – You know the cash is flowing. But is it flowing regularly? We take an in-depth look at your financial cycles – and help you develop the skills to make them work for you.
  • Leadflow – Quiet one month. Flat-out the next. It’s a common problem that affects every small and medium business. So we deconstruct your lead cycle – and show you how to better manage it for sustainable growth.
  • Workflow – Every time a job passes through an inefficient process, you lose money. We’ll identify what’s stopping your workflow processes running efficiently. And we’ll help you get them on track.

Actionable next steps

You’ll walk away with a much clearer view of your business vision. We’ll offer tips in each key area so you can start making improvements immediately – and the next steps you can take to start down the path to sustainable success. In short, you’ll get maximum results – in minimum time.

Call 03 9001 0878 for a small business audit today. Start seeing results tomorrow.


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